DLDG week 1

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In this weeks DLDG post I will be comparing two annual predictions in E-Learning trends found on ELearn magazines annual predictions for the years 2003 and 2011.... Read More

Book review: Just my Type

Posted on: September 5th, 2013 by Alexander Stanuga 1 Comment


After noticing this on the shelves of many bookstores over the years, I'd had it mentally earmarked to read for some time. Just my Type by Simon Garfield is light hearted and easy to follow book about fonts. Even if you arrive here armed with nothing more than an appreciation for the written word and no typographic background, this book is bound to spark in you a new reverence for typography and have you looking at street signs and bill posters in a new light. This is not a book about type designs but the stories that led to the creation of some of the worlds most loved and loathed type faces, typography's history is rich in folk lore and tales of old.... Read More

The Designers Review of Books

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Over the years I've taken a great interest in tracking down and acquiring new Design books, for both personal and professional reasons, I feel that in the Creative industry there's never a time when you feel that you've stopped learning. Also I love discovering the stories behind some of the most prominent Design Agencies and famous Design icons in history.... Read More