What is a PLN?

Posted on: October 11th, 2013 by Alexander Stanuga No Comments


During my time as a freelancer I was occasionally called up to work at random locations with companies I had never heard of and often on software I wasn't yet familiar with. This is all too often the way freelance work plays out, especially during your the early days as you're learning the ropes and discovering ways of dealing with new challenges, some days I would get calls from agencies who may have exhausted their current stock of candidates and need someone to solve a problem quickly. Sometimes you're just the first freelancer capable of thinking laterally when solving a problem and flexible enough to think outside the defined category of work most clients or agencies have you pinned for.

It would be a mistake to say I bluffed my way through these jobs, part of being a capable freelancer is acknowledging your own strengths and limitations and building on your knowledge and networks in order to best prepare for the challenges that lay ahead. Though I didn't know it then, this is where my own Professional Learning Network (or PLN) came into play, there really is no limit to where you're learning comes from, what matters is that you can find ways to encourage personal growth that includes the aptitude for both deep and shallow learning. ... Read More