Personal Learning Statement 2: Reflection

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Since my previous statement I have finally been able to complete one of my two prescribed Teaching Practicums. This was an interesting experience not least because I had the opportunity to flex my teaching muscle in front of several classes of unwitting (actual) high school students, but all the theory covered during countless lectures and tutorials was finally tested.

Despite the predictions regarding the uptake of digital devices by the younger generation, outlined in the NMC Horizon Report, I was met with something quite different. Located in the North Western outskirts of Sydney, amongst both rural farming land and the suburban sprawl, I found a majority of the students at my prac school either not interested, or lacking in digital technology. Despite some encouragement on my part, I found that very few of the students were really interested in engaging in online learning. ... Read More

DLDG week 1

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In this weeks DLDG post I will be comparing two annual predictions in E-Learning trends found on ELearn magazines annual predictions for the years 2003 and 2011.... Read More

Personal Learning Statement 1

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As part of my DLDG (Designing Learning for a Digital Generation) subject, I am required to create an online personal learning space, where assessment tasks and reflections can be posted. After carefully considering the advice about establishing (yet) another online blogspace for just one subject I have decided that this blog was the most appropriate forum for such posts, after all as a portfolio site it reflects where I'm at, and right now that means full time study. I'm already familiar with Google blogger and have already established a free wordpress blog for group work in this subject.

Ultimately I'm at the beginning of a journey in becoming an effective and relevant secondary teacher capable of providing quality visual arts education in a digital age. Prior to furthering my studies I worked in the field of Graphic/Web Design, and fancied myself as a bit of a traditional Painter, but you'll find more about all of that on my about page and by looking through some samples of my work on the portfolio page.... Read More

Art History Timeline

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... Read More