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Shimano Swingtag Design (POS)

Shimano Australia
Print Design, layout, concept development
InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator

Other than the fishing rods themselves, the swing tags form the only point of sale advertising available on the product as it sits in a rack amongst the competition at the fishing stores. Therefore it was vital that they be eye catching and conform to the corporate ID for the sake of promoting a consistent brand identity. During my time at Shimano the opportunity came up for me to address the issue, as they were in need of a refreshing new look.

As part of the process, I was required to consolidate several different Design styles and incorporate a combination of different logo's which were provided by different Shimano Offices. I was fortunate in that, due to a significant change regarding the wording of the warranty, I had the opportunity to address a whole batch of products at once. Some of the swingtags were only in need of a minor content change, while others were up for a complete new design. As the information varied across the different rod families, it proved to be quite a challenge.

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