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Monthly sketchbook: August

Posted on: August 1st, 2012 by Alexander Stanuga No Comments

Well it's been quite a busy month, and thankfully I've had plenty of time in transit on the tube around London. As promised in my last post in June, my goal is to maintain a monthly sketchbook post. I feel that if I do this then I will keep myself honest and above all, stay curious!

As one sketchbook finishes, another begins, thankfully a timely little treat arrived in the mail recently, I'm now the owner of a pocket sized Moleskin, thanks to the folk at the D&AD who included it in with my membership.

d and ad moleskin sketchbook cover

My latest little black book

On looking over the past months sketches, one thing comes to mind, I'm amazed at how many of them I can remember actually doing. I think one of the most powerful things about this as a discipline, is the ability to be so completely present in the moment. I have also done my best to include any specific information regarding each image.

d and ad sketchbook first page

This past month I have been making some effort to include in my sketchbook, spaces as subjects, as opposed to continuously drawing faces and the back of peoples heads. I hope you enjoy.

august sketchbook 20

Two tube commuters

august sketchbook 19

A young Scandinavian girl getting restless as the tube announcements kept changing heading towards Earls Court

august sketchbook 18

Hydrangea in the garden

august sketchbook 17

Waiting for the District line train at Westminster station

august sketchbook 16

A young Middle Eastern girl on the train

august sketchbook 15

Sitting directly opposite me on the train, and I don't think she realised she was my subject

august sketchbook 14

Sitting on the Overground to Bellingham

august sketchbook 13

Sitting on the crowded Overground train towards Bellingham

august sketchbook 12

A few faces from Cafe Nero Richmond

august sketchbook 11

A man sleeping in his chair at Cafe Nero in Richmond

august sketchbook 10

Looking towards the Bar inside the Botanist Pub in Kew

august sketchbook 9

Table composition at the Botanist Pub in Kew

august sketchbook 8

A Scandinavian girl who sat directly opposite me on the Tube, on my way down the District line towards Kew Richmond

august sketchbook 7

august sketchbook 6

Waiting at Victoria station for the train to arrive

august sketchbook 5

All seated in a row

august sketchbook 4

A girl reading her book on the Tube

august sketchbook 3

Small composition of people sitting on the Tube

august sketchbook 2

An elderly gent struggling to stay awake on the tube

august sketchbook 1

A bloke texting during a bumpy ride on the District line

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