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Athena Consulting

Client: Ranjit Dutta
Skills: Logo design, branding
Software/Applications: Illustrator, InDesign, MS Office

As a successful Business consultant, Ranjit Dutta has been contracted with a variety of large and successful companies relying on referrals for new contracts. As part of maintaining a presence in the industry he decided that a logo and printed stationary were required in order to best present himself. I was approached by Ranjit to design the logo, business cards and letterhead for his new business name Athena Consulting.

With an intriguing business name to launch from, the development of the logo design and other printed material was a successful process. As the daughter and favourite child of Zeus, Athena is acknowledged as the Goddess of wisdom, war, the arts, industry and skill. She is also often associated with the colour green and the olive tree. Many of these elements were considered in the development of the logo, yet there was a desire to keep away from stereotypical imagery and focus on a more conceptual approach.

athena consulting logo design

Logo design

athena consulting business cards

Business card Design

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