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Posted on: August 13th, 2013 by Alexander Stanuga 1 Comment

As part of a class project I wish to explore the benefits of creating a digital Art History Timeline, one that students could potentially contribute to in class. Above is my first attempt using a free timeline web application called Timeline JS which is available through GitHub. The benefits of using this particular application mean that the timeline can be worked on collaboratively through Google Docs (or with the use of the Google Drive app available on iPad/Andriod Tablet).

Although this collaborative project is far from being populated with enough information at this stage, posting this up now allows us (Luke and myself) the opportunity to check and test, whilst still adding.

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  1. Art History Timeline | The Digital Art Room

    August 14, 2013

    […] Both Luke and I have been testing this application out, and so far we have come across one significant limitation, which at this point prevents us from displaying our efforts here. Unfortunately doesn’t allow it’s users to post either iframe or javascript content into blogposts or pages on the free accounts. Their reasoning is it’s too much of an online security risk, more information is available here. I was however able to post our progress on my personal blog. […]


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